Importance of Skin Care: Ever wondered exactly what our skin does?

Importance of Skin Care: Ever wondered exactly what our skin does?

The following article provides an insight into why good skin care is important and suggests a simple skin care system that anyone can follow to help your skin work best.

Our skin features are too many to go through here in detail, but it protects our inner from the outer environment, both as a barrier and a filter between the outside and the inside of our bodies.

The skin helps to regulate body temperature, such as when we have fever or physically working hard, we tend to sweat, which is the body's way of trying to lower the temperature.

The skin also protects us from harmful substances that enter the body and eliminates many toxins. It takes workload from our liver and kidneys to filter out by-products from our body's metabolism. The skin also breathes!

These are just some of the most important features of our skin and as you can see, make sure your skin is crucial not only for your outer beauty, but for maintaining your inner health.

Now there is skin care and there is skin care ... yes, we all (hopefully) wash our body (skin) every day and we can even rub some body cream on and that's pretty much that. Women (most) go one step further when they make up their face. Use a cleaner and then a moisturizer before using makeup. But is it really skin care?

I do not think so. I would consider it an attack on the skin instead of taking care of it. You see that most of the products marketed to women are full of artificial colors, stabilizers, emulsifiers and other chemicals that will help achieve a beautiful skin.

Some products are advertising hormones that are designed to make your skin recycle the youthful (no wrinkle) appearance - but usually these hormones are artificial or synthetic and can cause hormone balance problems in the body. This is NOT skin care - this is common old manipulation and marketing.

Real skin care is much more than that and is more than just skin deep. Your skin is a living respiratory system in your body. As such, just like any other body in our body, it needs to be fed from within - it requires nutrients.

There are 4 basic ingredients to feed inside:

Good nutrition: Keep it simple, fresh and unprocessed. It's the best nutritional advice I can give. The easier the food, the less the processing and the fresher the food, the better it is for you. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain so many of the nutrients we need to maintain our health. Sure, the odd ones are treated, high in fat meal when you enjoy a meal or have to attend lunch or anything. But make sure you have more natural foods than not. Keep the diet varied - do not eat the same old, same old ... risk a new veggie - one you have not tried before - you might like it.

Enough rest and relaxation: Do not work for an early grave - it's not worth it. Make sure you get the sleep you need. Did you know that a study in England showed that your IQ (intelligence) falls if you do not have 8 hours of sleep per night?

Think of it, do you get more work if you feel well? Can you concentrate better if you are not tired? "I bet you can.

Well why do not you invest extra time in rest and relaxation so you get an increase in energy and concentration? I'm sure you'll find that you'll get more work in less time if you have enough rest.

Enough water intake: it's a biggie. Most people (wherever they live) will spend about 3 liters of water a day - hello do not believe me, all medical texts say that. Our body simply needs water to work.

If you do not drink at least this amount, your body will not work well (at any level) or it will take it wherever it can. It is called dehydration. You know, dry lips, dry spotted skin, widespread mouth, cracks on your tongue, premature wrinkles ... the list goes on. So, drink up (water, think of you) or boast - it's up to you.

Fresh air and sunshine: yes, what can I say. With a deep breath of air and tell me it does not feel good ... well? Acids are things of life. Fill your lungs with it. Here I could go into how most of us do not know how to breathe properly, but I'm saving this for another article.

So what does all this have to do with skin care?

Well, are you spending expensive, beauty products on your skin when you do not give it life's content from the inside? The cells that make up your skin need the right nutrients for proper development, growth and all that. You can help your skin by using good quality skin care products, but you must also support this from the inside. Only in that way can you expect to get good results from proper skin care.

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